Frequently Asked Questions


Luckenwalder Str. 4–6
10963 Berlin

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 Where is the power located and how much is available in the halls?

High voltage current is available in each hall. If needed for certain event configurations, we can always provide additional power to any point on the premises.

02 Do the halls have suspension points?

Yes. Each hall features suspension points.

03 What load capacities can be suspended in the halls?

Because we are dealing with historic structures, the maximum permitted loads vary. For example, light and sound rigging can be set up in any hall without a problem. As a rule, higher loads can also be suspended; however, this will require an additional inspection by a structural engineer.

04 What are the allowable floor load capacities?

Since this is a former train station, the maximum permitted floor load capacities are fully adequate. Driving onto the floor with trucks up to 40 tons, for example, is not a problem in wide sections of the site.

05 Where are the water connection points to the halls?

Fresh water can be made available to any point on the premises.

06 Do the halls/toilets have unobstructed access (i.e., wheelchair accessible)?

There are barrier-free toilets in Halls 6 and 7.

07 Do the halls have elevators?

Almost every hall is accessed at ground level. Three freight elevators service Hall 5.

08 Is STATION Berlin located within Berlin’s Environmental Zone?

Yes. You can find more detailed information in the “Berlin’s Environmental Zone” brochure (PDF) from the City of Berlin.

09 May we drill holes into the walls/floors?

You are strictly prohibited from drilling holes into the masonry on the lease property. If these are urgently needed, then you must submit a written request to
STATION-Berlin concurrently with your event plans, and no later than that. A drilling plan indicating the diameter and depth of each drill hole, and that shows exactly where you intend to place the drill holes, must be submitted with your written request. 

10 What specifications or standards do installations/built-in assemblies have to comply with?

Generally speaking, any installed structure, decorative item or material must conform to Building Material Class B1 per DIN 4102-1, at a minimum.

11 Does STATION Berlin come with its own parking spaces?

We have 10 parking spaces that are available for lease. In addition, the Parkhaus Gleisdreieck car park is located about 60 meters away; it has 1,500 parking spaces.

12 Are onsite storage options available?

We do have the capacity to house certain materials, for a fee, depending on the size/scope of the items shipped. Please contact us in advance of your event, in order to coordinate what you would like to ship.

13 How many flags/banners can we display?

There are two flagpoles in front of Entrance 2. You can hang two rectangular flags there that measure (for example) 1.5 x 3.0 meters.

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