• Exterior View
    3.1 Exterior View
  • Trade Show
    3.2 Trade Show
  • Dinner
    3.3 Dinner
  • Trade Show
    3.4 Trade Show
  • Convention
    3.5 Convention
  • Congress
    3.6 Congress

Hall 3 is the centerpiece of STATION-Berlin. The 4,600 m2
of space in the former inner courtyard of the Postal Train Station is ideal for a variety of events.
The expansive glass facade creates an enchanting atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for gala events or evening events.

Hall 3


Floor space 4,400 m²
Dimensions 110 x 48 m
Clearance height 10,80 m
Crossbeam height 5,55 m
Floor Ground level
Theater 2,300 seats
Gala 1,700 seats
Banquet 2,000 seats
Power Yes
Water Yes
LAN/WiFi Yes/Yes
Negotiable by truck/car Yes/Yes
Blackout Optional
STATION Berlin - Halle 3